Big Green Egg

6 Door 2X Cabinet

Powder coated aluminum frame & top. Fade, scratch & rot resistant solid plastic doors with color choice, green, red, or black. Stainless steel hinges & n/c trigger latches. Heavy-duty wheels with 2 locking casters.

XL Size

  • 24” Diameter & Medium BGE, 15” Diameter
  • 29”W x 80” L x 34” H
  • 6 Solid Plastic Green Doors
  • Aluminum Frame & Top
  • Silver Vein Powder Coat

Product Care

Use only mild soap with a sponge or soft cloth to clean all powder coated surfaces. Do not use solvents, stainless cleaners or aggressive dish soap. It is recommended to use a Carnauba wax on the surface.

The powder coated finish & plastic are both high-quality exterior products but will be scratched when in contact with sharp or abrasive objects. Use hot plates under all hot items placed on powder coated surface and make sure there is no debris in between. Do not leave hot or wet ashes on powder coated surface. Plastic doors will warp at very high temperature. Heat deflection rating is 66 psi at 183 degrees F. No warranty on plastic beyond these specs. There is no salt spray specifications or warranty as of 2016.


Limited 10 year warranty on material and welds to the original owner with regular use and care as intended. 2 year warranty on all hardware, wheels, and the loosening or stripping of all fasteners. 6 month warranty on powder coating from peeling or cracking when used as intended and following recommended care. No warranty if misused, abused or used in any way other than what the product is intended for. No warranty if not cared for as indicated under Product Care. This warranty is strictly with Wellspring Components, LLC. Copy of original invoice from dealer needed to claim warranty. Wellspring will pay freight costs in the first year, after that, shipping is prorated for 5 years. After 5 years no freight allowed.


Optional colors for plastic door panels and powder coat metal finish.