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We are excited to announce our newest addition to the Tri-Flame Grill. A rotisserie with removable grates. This rotisserie can hold ribs, chicken quarters, thighs, legs & wings and is easy to operate by one person. 

We also modified the length slightly to make better use of the space. This unit is excellent for doing a large volume of chicken for catering and special events. At 6 RPM keeps most of the juice from running off allowing you to finish the chicken to a golden brown.

charcoal bbq rottiserie basketsThis all operates with the lid closed and rotating over a bed of charcoal for the ultimate flavor in BBQ chicken.

We also added a swinging tray or basket feature that attaches to the rotisserie that can be used for pork butts, ribs etc.

Call Wellspring today to schedule a personal demonstration of this great grill!