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   The NEW Tri-Flame 60 Cooker from Wellspring is a great multi-function grill that will do three types of cooking. You can do chicken with the stainless double grate flipper or some smoking /roasting. You can also remove the top half of the chicken flipper and use it for direct grilling. Need the perfect rental or catering grill?


Tri Flame BBQ Rental Catering Grill web

   This is an excellent grill to use for catering, special events, fundraisers and especially as a rental unit because of the versatility. How many times do you need 2 chicken grills but you only have a conventional grill left. With the Tri-Flame 60 you can add a few accessories rather than add more units.

   The Tri-Flame is available in both a towable model and also a patio version. These are also available with a gas powered burner and a unique charcoal tray that fits over the burner.

   Contact us today about purchasing your Tri-Flame 60 Cooker and be prepare for your next event!


Features overview of the TriFlame 60